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The Band
The four piece ensemble -Clive, Thomas, Simon and James- have over 20 years experience playing music within the wedding industry. Their reputation has been built on the quality and assurance they have provided brides and grooms within this time. Professionalism is key to the guys performance, and they always wear tailored suits in keeping with formal, wedding dress code. They arrive to the venue 2 hours prior to taking stage, wearing "Vertigo Crew" work clothes while they set up the equipment -for a wedding this usually takes 40 minutes. The custom designed van means the guys always arrive in style. 

The equipment used for sound and lightening is of the highest quality, to guarantee perfect timing and flawless arrangement. The band play a three hour set for weddings. 

Vertigo have a general wedding set-list which includes hits from all eras -to keep both young and old happy and dancing on your special day. However, this can be adjusted to suit your tastes. First dance options are entirely personal but if you require help, Clive is always only a phone-call away to assist in any such details. 

For further examples of Vertigo's performances, see their YouTube channel by clicking here.  



The resident DJ Thomas, who is also lead singer of the band, is at hand for bookings as an add-on package. When the band finishes he takes stage once more, playing the DJ set  -again songs from all eras and genres, and again the set-list can be adjusted to suit your own personal taste. Performance time varies and can depend on the wedding reception venue, but the DJ usually plays for an hour and 30 minutes. This takes the total running time of band and DJ to a 4 hours and 30 minute show. 

Ceremony and Pre-Reception 
Whether you are considering adding entertainment for your guests while they wait for the main reception, or require something to add ambiance during your actual ceremony, then Vertigo can also provide you with these services. Packages include: female singer and accompaniment guitar/ piano for ceremonies and two males (singing and guitar) for the pre-dinner reception -depending on your taste, needs and budget. Call Clive today to consult about the best option for you and your spouse-to-be: 087 7778033. 

Click here to see an example of Natasha and Simon's ceremony set list.



Natasha and Simon, ceremony examples:



















Thomas and Simon, drink reception examples:















Corporate Functions, Bars and Other Events
In between playing weddings, Vertigo also provides these services at corporate functions, school debutante balls, festivals and many public houses around the country. The set list is naturally different for more casual events, but if you are thinking of booking Vertigo and would like to see them play live for a taster, follow the guys on Facebook to keep up-to-date on their next public performances as well as showcases at wedding fairs. Alternatively, you may wish to see a snippet of the band play during a local wedding, which can be arranged through phoning Clive on 087 7778033. 

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